How does ozone help you?

Ozone is nature’s agent for cleaning and treating both air and water. Ozone is the clean fresh smell in the air following a thunderstorm, the bright blue sky and brilliant colors of nature are due to ozone, created by lightning and the sun’s energy.

Electromex ozone re-calculation system effectively stops algae, fungus and bacteria formation, cuts down on the amount of deodorizer or other chemical treatment needed. Most effective in killing odors in all of sick building syndrome and poorly venitlated rooms. Destroys odors from cigarette smoke, wet paint, floor wax, pesticides and vrious volatile organic compounds (VOC), mildews, kills germs, deodorizes wet garbage facilities, food courts, and hospital emergency rooms.

How Ozonator works

The OZONATOR GENERATOR is small and can be easily added to any ventilation system.

Car and Office Ozonator
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